Who is KlangBildErzeuger

This ´progressive production team´ consists of:

Hans M. Mantell [RaDiac] & Marco Wellisch [DJ-LowMid],

based in Frankfurt and Berlin / Germany.

What does it mean

Klangbilderzeuger is a ´philosophy´we communicate since 1999:
a new sound definition combining forward beats and bass with a fusion of
progressive psychedelic and transcendent elements to a acoustic voyage.

Where is it

Formerly released at PlusQuam Records. Then via Insolation/Prosolation now they available at NeuralDrift Records. KBE released till today 2 Albums and more than 10 Single EP’s on offer 10 Compilation CDs!

What else

Surely playing as LiveAct, but we also team up for different projects.

Hans runs several projects (e.g. RaDiaC, G-Men, FunkFood, SchallMauer) with other artists to realize different styles and sounds since 1995. Feel free and visit Radiac’s MySpace Site

Marco performs also as DJ LowMid and has been in the buisiness since 1993 playing in clubs and parties as well as at outdoor events and festival.

For more details about Marco’s other projects visit this links.



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